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  • 33" High & 14" Wide create a realistic look
  • An ideal home or office decoration
  • Artificial plants let you decorate without concern for water damage, trimming, or soil.
  • Decorative black plastic planter included
  • PE material makes plants more durable
  • When guest come to your house they can't tell it's a fake plant
  • Keep for yourself or give as a housewarming gift


Product description

Sansevieria with Black Planter

Some plants simply exude class, and that's exactly the case with this wonderful Sansevieria plant. Standing nearly three feet in height, the lush green leaves point skyward, while the included decorative black planter gives it a stout base. It's ideal for both home and office decorating, and will stay looking fresh for years, with nary a drop of water.

Lush greenery for home of office

Sansevieria, also know as mother-in-law's tongue or snake plants, are known for their strong, bold look and tough, pointed leaves. The upward foliage will compliment a modern design or provide the perfect accent to a simple, clean decor.

Life-like foliage

Silk arrangements are manufactured using synthetic materials and are well designed and constructed to be life-like in appearance. This plant, slightly variegated leaves which mimic the natural appearance of the Sansevieria.

Decorative pot included

A matte black planter balances the lush leaves with the base of the plant. The moss surrounding each stalk is the perfect finishing touch for this tropical plant.


33" H Sansevieria Snake Plant - artificial agave

SKU: UFA60073
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