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Lyric Video Creator Professional 4.0 (Latest)




mpg video tutorials and .mpg sequence files. The creator is intended to be used for creating videos on topics of the reader's choosing, either by the reader himself or by others. It includes a web-based interface, which can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. Key features --- The creator enables creation of audio visual-based (AV) presentations. A presentation can include any combination of text and background music. The creator provides both the tools to create a presentation, and the interface to display it. Presentations can be exported to various formats such as .mov, .mp4, .mpg, .avi, .flv, .m3u and .mp3. The creator supports a variety of color schemes such as .bw and .png and .jpg. Presentations are written to .mp4 files, using the .mp4 format developed by Apple Computer. In addition, the creator provides a number of .m3u files. .m3u files may be used to serve a presentation to an audio/video player, such as QuickTime. .m3u files also support multiple play lists, so a presentation may be played through multiple channels, each with their own .m3u files. Users may create a single presentation, or create a presentation for each of the video files in a .m3u play list. Other features include a log that keeps a record of .m3u file names, duration and other user-setable options. A gallery of existing presentations may be viewed online. The creator is divided into two parts, the Video Creator and the Video Editor. A presentation can be created entirely using the video creator. The creator can be used to create presentations for each video in a .m3u file, for instance. However, it also provides tools for customizing existing videos, which can include copying/applying images and effects, transforming images into overlays and adjusting the playback rate. These capabilities are provided by the Video Editor. Two modes are available in the video editor: normal mode and preview mode. In normal mode, a viewer may copy/apply and transform images into a presentation, and a presenter may play and preview a presentation. In preview mode, a viewer may view a presentation without editing, but a presenter may play




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Lyric Video Creator Professional 4.0 (Latest)

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