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Custom Artificial Green Wall

Zero-maintenance living walls are great for interiors where live planting tough or impossible.

A beautiful way to introduce greenery in your business space. These silk green wall plant panels can be fixed to any wall and bring you a completely delightful and fresh look and feel. A statement landscape accent which will give you a clean, modern look.

These faux Green wall ideal for display in a range of commercial spaces including amusement parks, exotic display rooms, exhibitions, office or corporate buildings, government buildings, retail stores, entertainment facilities, health care and hospitality spaces, senior living facilities, casinos, theme parks, airports, colleges and other commercial space, our vertical wall gardens will bring a heart warming appeal to the setting. Crafted from premium quality material, these plant walls look incredibly realistic and do not require constant up keep. They are quite sturdy and long lasting and will make your space extremely fresh and memorable till times to come.

One of the easiest and space-conscious ways to introduce plants and flowers in your commercial landscape design, our green wall plant panels have the ability to cheer up and dull and uninspiring setting.


(1)Tropical Exotic Faux Plant Wall

Style A Options: ($15-$20 Per Square Foot)

Style B Options: (~$12 Per Square Foot)

(2)Pattern Plant  Artificial Plants Wall

Style A Options: ($15-$20 Per Square Foot)

Style B Options: (~$12 Per Square Foot)

(3)Moss Succulent Artificial Living Wall

Style Options: ($15-$20 Per Square Foot)

(4)Boxwood Grass Artificial Plant Wall

Style Options: ($8-$12 Per Square Foot)

Customized Green Wall:

*The Quotes above are used for estimate only. For the accurate quotes, customers should email us at or call 916-430-8121.

*Manufacturing the measurement to your required height and width.

*All plants wall mix over 10 kinds lifelike plants to make a high end design real plants looking plants wall artwork.

*All Plants and flowers are made from commercial grade and environmental friendly material.


Design icon.png

Our custom artificial plant walls design for unique location and requirement.

Build icon.png

We build the artificial living walls as required size and style.

Install icon.png

We can offer the install instruction or offer install service by our experienced staff.

UV icon.png

Our Boxwood Grass are Anti-UV and suitable for outdoor using.

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