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Custom Artificial Flower Wall

We create, design,& manufacture bespoke, maintenance free artificial flowers wall,wedding flowers decoration as design and requirement.

Can you think of anything more beautiful than a wall full of flowers? We can create silk flower walls, perfect floral backdrop, dropping flower walls for any occasion or more ideas for wedding flower walls.

Want to have a fairy wedding?Come to Unique Forest Arts.We will make your dream come true!!!


(1)Classic Hydrangea Rose Flowers Wall

Style Options: ($6-$8 Per Square Foot)

(2)Exotic Mixed Flowers Wall

Style Options: ($12-$15 Per Square Foot)

Customized Flower Wall:

*The Quotes above are used for estimate only. For the accurate quotes, customers should email us at or call 916-430-8121.

*Manufacturing the measurement to your required height and width.

*All flower walls mix several lifelike flowers to make a high end design real looking flower wall artwork.

*All flowers are made from commercial grade and environmental friendly material.


Design icon.png

Our custom artificial flower walls and wedding, party flowers decoration design for unique location and requirement.

Build icon.png

We build the artificial flower walls and wedding, party decoration as required size and style.

Install icon.png

We can offer the install instruction or offer install service by our experienced staff.

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