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About On Sale Products

We offer a wide range regular artificial potted plants, artificial grass mats and small Plants, flowers, succulent in stock for you to DIY your own artificial plants decoration. You can do the self shopping very Conveniently. We will send out the order to you in 24 hours after receive your orders. Any question you can also contact us by phone,E-Mail, message. We are dedicate to satisfy every of our customer.

Potted Plants-01_1280x720.jpg


We have many kinds artificial plants, trees in stock. Low price, natural looking design. Perfect for living room,  hotel, office or wherever you want to make a difference.

Hanging Plants-01_1280x720.jpg


Artificial Wall Hanging bush Plants,  Green Plastic Fake green Ivy bush, Many design,really natural looking artificial plants.Low price, good quality!

Boxwood Foliage mat-01_1280x720.jpg


Unique Forest Arts offer many styles vividly natural looking boxwood,grass and foliage mats, panels, UV resistance. Natural looking perfect for indoor outdoor decoration.



Unique Forest Arts offer many kinds and many colors artificial succulents. Looks natural, Low price. You can DIY your unique luxury succulents arrangement with our succulents.

Foliage Spray-01_1280x720.jpg


Foliage spray,foliage branch, leaves branch, artificial shrub,good quality, natural looking. Perfect for you to use to make any plants arrangement. You can even use to make your own unique decor trees.



We offer many kinds silk flowers, artificial flowers, fake flowers, low price, good quality!

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