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Size:84" high 31.5" wide   
Bottom pot size: Diameter:7.8"    Height:6.3"

*An ideal home or office decoration.Beautiful lifelike olive tree
*Artificial plants let you decorate without concern for water damage, trimming, or soil.
*Made using the finest materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure botanical accuracy
*Perfect for living room, hotel, office or wherever you want to make a difference
*Nothing looks more natural or brings your interior environment to life like ornamental plants
*Highly realistic vibrant foliage,Incredibly natural looking trunk

Adorn your home or office space in classic Mediterranean style with this traditional olive tree. A symbol of peace, wisdom, and abundance, this elegant creation is a welcome addition to any room. Standing 94" high this everlasting beauty contains realistic looking green leaves. A robust trunk flocked with long slender branches and lush green foliage projects an all natural appearance that’s pleasing to the eye.You can decorate without concern for water damage, trimming, or soil. This high quality topiary is brought to you by Vintage Home - setting the standard in permanent botanicals, Vintage Home products bring you a richer and more realistic plant.




    How to style your plant:

    Step1:Remove from package

    Step2:Carefully bend stems outward to give shape

    Step3:Flare out leaves for a more natural look

    Step4:Place plant anywhere to liven up the room

    84" (7 foot)Large Artificial Olive Tree,artificial tree,silk tree,Artificial

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