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Size:60" high 47"wide

*Multiple palm leaves adorn this masterpiece

*Spruce up any space with lovely tropical palm

*Product height measured from floor to fully extended top leaf; re-shape when removed from box


Tropical Areca phoenix palm tree  have different height to meet your different space comes with plastic pot, feel real technology, super quality made of durable and feel real plastic and silk leaves.With thick and accurately designed trunks and feel real leaves spill out at various layers. No maintenance or watering needed.item may be re-shaped for perfect look. With varying size foliage. Nothing looks more natural or brings your interior environment to life like ornamental plants.Here's a tropical/jungle tree that looks so real, you'll be reaching for your machete to get through (we're kidding - put the machete down!) this is an ideal home or office decoration. the mark of timeless beauty and relaxed living. This plant Will add a tropical touch to your home or office decor . Plants add a feeling of life to a room, making it warmer and more welcoming; You can decorate without concern for water damage, trimming, or soil. This high quality topiary is brought to you by Vintage Home - setting the standard in permanent botanicals, Vintage Home products bring you a richer and more realistic plant.

Areca Palm Decorative Silk Tree Artificial palm tree phoenix palm tree

SKU: UFA60090
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