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Proud appearance and tradition of luckplastic trunks,multiple silk realistic leaves Product height measured from floor to fully extended top leaf; re-shape when removed from box

Product description

Our 6' multi-bamboos Bamboo silk tree takes center stage in any room. Thousands of airy bamboo leaves dangle from multiple tall artifical tree stalks. Suitable for any home décor style, this Bamboo would look especially lovely as part of an oriental or Zen inspired design plan. Our Multi-Bamboos Bamboo is also appropriate for placing among live plants in sunrooms, solariums, or even the office.



How to style your plant:

Step1:Remove from package

Step2:Carefully bend stems outward to give shape

Step3:Flare out leaves for a more natural look

Step4:Place plant anywhere to liven up the room

Bamboo Silk Tree, fake bamboo tree,artificial tree,6-Feet, Green

SKU: UFA60098
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