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  • TOPIARY BALLS - good quality, realistic, artificial foliage  available in 20"XL, 15.5"LG, and 10"MD .Topiary Balls looks great while hanging, in planters, on mantels, as table centerpieces, and more.
  • UV AND WATER RESISTANT / MAINTENANCE FREE  Topiary Balls can be used both indoors and outdoors to enhance the look of any space. Artificial topiary balls don't require any maintenance, trimming, or upkeep.  Topiary Balls give you look of a live plant without the work of caring for a live plant!
  •  CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE FOR YOUR PLANTER - Measure the width of the opening at the top of your planter to determine the right size ball. The XL 20" ball fits planter openings from 14" to 19". The LG 15.5" ball fits planter openings from 10" to 14". The MD 10" ball fits planter sizes from 6" to 9". Refer to the planter opening sizing chart image.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Save your water! Topiary Balls don't require any water and will look amazing year round.
  •  WEDDING DECOR, HOME DECOR, AND MORE - Add a splash of color to your home, business, or wedding decor. Create a dramatic effect by mixing different sizes and plant types. With multiple sizes and plant types available, the possibilities are endless!

Product description


Material - High Density Polyethylene

UV resistant

Water resistant

No maintenance, trimming, or watering!

Boxwood Topiary Ball Artificial Plant Ball Grass ball

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