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Color: pink

*Quantity - 4 Panels /order; Each Panel Size - 24 inches. x 16 inches. x 3 inches.; Material - Silk Hydrangea Flowers and rose flowers attached to the Plastic Grid Frame;    * The mat can easily be cut with the pair of scissors to make creative shapes to put on the wall for decoration                                                                                                *Suitable for  wedding scene, villa decoration, photography background,Centerpiece Décor etc.

*This plant will make you happy.Beautiful and fully realistic looking leaves and petals          

Indulge yourself and your treasured guests in tropical floral bliss by spreading these mats on the grass, creating a fanciful floriated passage, or stick to walls to make mystic blossomy backdrops; this versatile adornment opens the gates to imagination, fantasy, and fulfillment of exotic dreams. The flexible frame has plastic pegs on its two sides to be inserted into the holes on the other two sides of the frame; therefore, you can use as many mats you need to cover your desired space. The mat can easily be cut with the pair of scissors to make creative shapes like hearts, butterflies, and stars, and can equally easily be bent, curved, or twisted to create the masterpieces of your dreams. Intricately hand-crafted Hydrangea blooms look so life-like that these mats will transform your plain and lack-luster party ambiance into an enchanted divine garden. Besides being extremely budget-friendly, the flowers wouldn’t wilt or wither, unlike their natural counterparts, thus giving you a beguiling blossomy accessory to accentuate your events time and time again in the merry years to come! Use it on drop ceilings with metal grids, or craft a fascinating floral canopy by hanging the mat with magnet hooks, pearls, or crystal strands. Add glitz and glam by attaching our diamond and crystal chains and garlands, pearl strings, and tassel tinsels, give your walls 2-sided look by binding two mats back to back. Create awe-inspiring wedding and party decors by attaching to grill or arches, make a classy photo backdrop by fashioning a gorgeous wall of flowers, use to cover or beautify a column, wall, or doors, accentuate with ivy or rose garlands, fairy string lights, rose pomander flower balls, lace lanterns, wreaths, or monograms for extra details…the possibilities to elaborate and decorate with our Hydrangea rose chocked wall panels are endless!

24x16inch(40X60cm) Artificial Silk Rose Hydrangea Flower Wall Flower mat

SKU: UFA60025
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