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Size:47" high 23"wide


  • An ideal home or office decoration
  • Beautiful lifelike olive tree Makes a fine gift
  • Artificial plants let you decorate without concern for water damage, trimming, or soil.
  • Highly realistic vibrant foliage
  • Made using the finest materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure botanical accuracy
  • The plant is supplied in a standard plastic pot (as shown)
  • Perfect for living room, hotel, office or wherever you want to make a difference
  • Nothing looks more natural or brings your interior environment to life like ornamental plants
  • Adorned with over thirteen-hundred leaves and olives
  • Incredibly natural looking trunk


Product description

Adorn your home or office space in classic Mediterranean style with this traditional olive tree. A symbol of peace, wisdom, and abundance, this elegant creation is a welcome addition to any room. Standing 6 feet high or 4 feet high this everlasting beauty contains over thirteen-hundred rich green leaves and eighty-six brightly hued olives. A robust trunk flocked with long slender branches and lush foliage projects an all natural appearance that’s pleasing to the eye.




    How to style your plant:

    Step1:Remove from package

    Step2:Carefully bend stems outward to give shape

    Step3:Flare out leaves for a more natural look

    Step4:Place plant anywhere to liven up the room

    Olive Silk Tree,Artificial Silk Plant,artificial tree 4-Feet

    SKU: UFA60077
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